Best Live Chat Software Buyer's Guide


A Buyer’s Guide for Finding the Best in Live Chat Software

Live chat is key to providing seamless support for customers and agents. So, when it comes to choosing your live chat software, don’t rush your decision. The best option will decrease support costs and increase online conversions.

So how do you find the best software? By having the answer to 10 very important questions:


Before you start shopping around, think about your industry and specific business needs. Think about what your competitors use. Think about your own personal support experiences and what features you appreciated most.


The best live chat software is the software that makes customers forget they are interacting virtually. As a result, consider what interaction features you know your customers enjoy and compare with software integrations.


Providing a seamless omni channel experience for your customers starts with providing seamless training for your staff. As a result, make sure the software can be implemented quickly.

Download our resource to find out what other answers you need to know before shopping for a live chat option. This guide also provides a free comparison template that will help you evaluate solutions side by side.

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