67 Tips for Building Live Chat Success

For contact center agents and administrators, delivering an “average” customer experience can be challenging enough, let alone delivering an “exceptional” one. But great customer service isn’t a fantasy – hundreds of great companies deliver it daily. In fact, a recent Forrester study showed that the number of companies with “good” or “excellent” customer experience index scores has steadily increased between 2007 and 2014. And we know why. It’s not any fancy management and incentive system developed by fancy consultants from a fancy city in fancy suits.

It’s a combination of great people, great processes, and great technology.

I’m reminded of an interview I did with an outstanding chat agent at a customer site. I asked her if she preferred being on chat or answering the phones because, at this particular company, the agents were cross-trained to do both, though not simultaneously thankfully. I’ll never forget her response: “I love being on chat. I wish I could throw away my phone and always be on chat, every day.” I then asked her why she liked chat so much. What I expected in her answer was some flavor of, “It’s easier,” or “I don’t have to talk to them,” or “It’s quieter.” But that’s not what she said.

“I enjoy being able to help – I mean really help – more than one person at once.”

This agent was genuinely enthusiastic about live chat technology’s ability to support efficient concurrency. Was this excitement innate for her? Perhaps. And perhaps the company culture in which she worked attracted her, or nurtured it, or both. Certainly, the people are the most important thing, but the people will fail without the right support, the right processes and the right tools. This eBook is divided into three parts to help address all the ways a live chat implementation can be done successfully. Section one is about the all-important chat agent, section two is about the management of the agent, and section three is about how management can support chat. Together, these tips can help make your company’s dream of excellence become a reality.

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