Live Chat Comparison

Selecting a live chat vendor can feel like evaluating dizzying lists of features – each feature-set will help achieve a goal. But the challenge is to determine the features that will help you achieve your goals.

Live chat can achieve many results, like driving sales conversions, reducing shopping cart abandonment, enhancing customer experience and improving operational efficiencies. Whether live chat is new to your organization or you are looking to deepen the channel with a new vendor relationship, this paper will help you take a goal-driven approach to chat vendor selection.

The first step is to identify your consideration set. We will present four key considerations that will help you determine which vendors warrant deeper attention.

The next step in a goal-driven chat vendor selection process is to prioritize your organization’s chat goals for today and the near-future, then map these goals to leading chat vendors’ features. This approach will ensure that you identify the chat vendor that will help your organization achieve its objectives.

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