More Than Just Chatbots: Fueling Efficiency In Your Business with AI


Chatbots are making a big splash in customer service across industries. Research shows that by 2020, 94% of websites will have a chatbot available to help. But artificial intelligence can do so much more for your business than field customer inquiries on your website. Learn how AI can work with your customer support agents to make their lives easier, and how administrators can leverage technology to more efficiently manage content.

In this Argyle Executive Forum, in partnership with Bold360 by LogMeIn, we discuss:

  • Implementing the chatbot – where to start, best practices, and benefits
  • How machine learning can take the guesswork out of content creation
  • Chatbot’s impacting customer loyalty
  • The benefits integration – AI across service platforms
  • What harmony between AI and human agents looks like behind the scenes

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