How Bold360 Chat App Improves Mobile Engagement


Mobile devices are no longer an accessory but instead, a necessity for how we communicate, work and shop. It’s certainly a key tool for consumers during the buying process.

In fact, according to Forrester, 29% of all U.S. eCommerce transactions will occur on a tablet or mobile phone this year. By 2018, that percentage will rise to 54% of the total $414 billion in eCommerce sales. With numbers like these, it’s important for your mobile commerce site to handle customers’ needs on mobile.

Bold360 can help.

Bold360 has a six key features approach, focusing on providing support to customers while also delivering a seamless mobile experience:

  1. Live Chat App: Bold360 enables customers to embed chat directly in native iOS and Android apps, allowing visitors to chat with an agent without ever leaving the app.

  2. Mobile Chat Windows: Chat windows are just as interactive and responsive to device and screen size as desktop chat windows. This offers the same great experience visitors receive when chatting on a website.

To read the additional ways Bold360 handles mobile engagement for a seamless omnichannel experience, download the resource.