Customer support is predicated on the instances when customers can’t solve their problem or get the answer to their question(s) on their own. In some of those cases, such as on the phone or during a live chat, it can be difficult for agents to identify and resolve the customer’s issue without additional visual assistance.

With co-browse, agents can see what the visitor sees, provide guided assistance by highlighting items or filling out forms on a visitor’s behalf. Sensitive fields like social security numbers and passwords can be blocked from the agent’s view so private information remains just that, private. Bold360’s co-browse allows agents to follow visitors behind secure fields i.e. signing into their account – providing an extra level of support to customers.

Co-browse is used most effectively with customers filling out forms, navigating and searching webpages, and settling billing disputes, but, can also help shoppers find your product and services.

Bold360’s co-browse solution is designed to provide a simple, more direct way to deliver effective customer support. Co-browse allows agents to physically help resolve customer inquiries, leading to faster resolutions and improved customer satisfaction.

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