5 Live Chat Implementation Best Practices


This document on live chat implementation best practices comes from BoldChat’s years of experience with thousand of customers. We’ve helped companies of all sizes to achieve outstanding results and impressive ROI through live chat. During our engagements, we’ve learned a few things along the way which we’re happy to share here.

1) Ensure Staff is Ready 

One of the biggest mistakes made by organizations is thinking people can effectively take calls and chats simultaneously. There are very few circumstances under which an agent can do this effectively. If you’re going to implement live chat, be prepared to staff it appropriately.

2) Don’t Hide the Chat Button 

Place the chat button high on your website pages, and place it on every page. It’s better to turn it on full-steam to gauge incoming volume than it is to hide the button on the bottom of a Contact Us page and get nothing. Agents can always set their status to “away” and turn off incoming chats.

3) Build Proactive Chat Based on Your Own Data 

Everything you need to know for a productive proactive chat campaign is in your analytics and chat reports. When are people likely to buy? What answers to particular questions push them over the edge? Where on site are people most prone to bail out? Answers to questions like these will help you craft a proactive implementation that invites people at the right time and with the right message.

4) Brand the Chat Window 

This is your site, and your brand experience you should be reinforcing. Highly customize the window by including graphics, logos, icons, and colors according to your brand standards.

5) If Something Isn’t Working Like You Want – Ask For Help 

If you have a good live chat product from a reputable provider, it’s going to be capable of doing what you need rather than forcing you to do it a certain way. Want information presented in a new way? Ask. There’s a good chance that product experts know how to extract what you need. Want to configure settings a different way? Ask.

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