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In today’s highly competitive digital marketplaces, more and more companies are treating customer service as a critical differentiator that can help them attract and retain customers. This is why more businesses are investing in helpdesk chat software to give their customers a quick and easy way to get in touch—and their service professionals an efficient means of better serving their customers.

As more users become familiar with live customer support chat, it is becoming the preferred touchpoint for consumers who are online anyway. In fact, in a recent study it was found that 72% of customers search for information online before calling a support center.

Online customer support chat is an attractive option for people who don’t have time or patience to navigate an automated phone menu or write an email. So with helpdesk chat software, you can offer your customers access to a convenient communication channel and gain opportunities to engage with them and build lasting relationships that foster brand loyalty.

Enhancing Customer Service with Integrated Helpdesk Chat Software

Not all helpdesk chat software is the same, of course. Some live chat customer service software offers only the basics, which might be adequate if providing live support for your website is your only goal. However, if you’re looking to offer a higher level of customer service, you may want to consider investing in integrated support software, or helpdesk chat software that integrates various communication channels and business applications into a single easy-to-use solution.

By integrating email, social media, and other channels with live chat, omni-channel helpdesk chat software helps organizations prevent the mistakes and miscommunication that may result from channel disconnect. Instead of switching back and forth among tools, your agents get the full picture through a unified interface. And they are able to provide a satisfying, consistent end-to-end support experience to your customers.

By bringing together data from live chat conversations and other applications including CRM and ticketing systems, integrated helpdesk chat software facilitates the delivery of personalized service and enables faster resolution of issues. For each customer, your agents can leverage insights from past interactions and transactions, empowering them to make each and every engagement as positive as possible.

Delivering Superior Customer Service with Bold360 Helpdesk Chat Software

When it comes to live chat for business websites, LogMeIn Bold360 is consistently named one of the top online chat software providers by industry experts. Our robust helpdesk chat software supports the management of multiple communication channels including email, Twitter*, and SMS*. Using our intuitive workspace, your agents get a consolidated view of all customer communications, eliminating the need to toggle between different systems.

Moreover, Bold360 includes remote support capabilities, such as remote control, co-browse, and file transfer, and connects seamlessly with web-based applications through DIY integrations thereby streamlining customer service and support workflows and giving your agents the tools they need to resolve customer issues effectively and efficiently.

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