What's New – September 2019 Edition

With this release, Bold360 is making work easier for the behind-the-scenes teams (e.g. supervisor, administrator, content manager). From aggregating valuable information, to more advanced agent monitoring, our latest features will save time and lighten the load for these team members.​

Search Optimizer Enhancements​

For Bold360 Service, Advise, Acquire​

AI-powered solutions only succeed when businesses are armed with easy-to-understand, actionable insights, enabling them to continuously improve and perfect the customer experience.

With this iteration of the Bold360 Search Optimizer, we’re making it easier than ever for businesses to identify gaps and quickly address them, all within a single interface.

The new Search Optimizer groups voices (intents), presents all relevant information such as hit count, feedback, and success metrics in a single view, and gives you the ability to take action on the voices directly from the Search Optimizer.

Some of the functionality in the new Search Optimizer includes:

  • Robust search and filter on voices/intents
  • Task-driven interface to manage unanswered, answered, and muted intents
  • Ability to create a new article for an unresolved voice, and
  • Add new phrasings to an article directly from an unresolved voice

Email/Message Preview in Monitor View​

For Bold360 Service, Agent​

Support team supervisors have a lot on their plate. They are typically tasked with overseeing large support teams with even larger support queues. To help tackle this sometimes-overwhelming responsibility, we previously released a one-stop Monitor View where supervisors could see all assigned, queued and closed engagements (live chat, chatbot, email, messaging).

In this release, we’ve updated the Monitor View to arm supervisors with faster access to information to take action on.

Now in Bold360’s Monitor View, with one click, supervisors can see the full content of email, SMS, and Facebook Messaging items, allowing them to keep a more detailed watch on engagements and quickly address issues as they arise.​


Chat Flagging​

For Bold360 Service, Agent​

Support agents often have to revisit engagements at a later time, perhaps to follow up with a customer after a supervisor review, or after seeking out additional training or information.

With the release of Bold360’s Chat Flagging, we’re now making it easier for an agent to mark an engagement and come back to later.

And to make it just as easy for supervisors to keep tabs on open engagements, the Monitor View can be filtered by agent Flags.​


IP Whitelisting for Agent Logins​

For Bold360 Service, Agent​

LogMeIn, like our customers, takes security very seriously. We continue to look for ways to improve security while simultaneously easing the burden on our customers. Bold360’s new IP Whitelisting for agent logins does just that.

This feature gives account administrators the ability to restrict which networks agents can log into from the Web Workspace, giving them peace of mind that their support environment is secure without the burden of manually monitoring logins.​


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