What's New – June 2019 Edition​

With this release, Bold360 by LogMeIn expands how companies can utilize AI with a new purpose-built solution to support every customer-facing employee, from the contact center to the front desk.​

Bold360 Suite

AI Built for When Your Customers Need It Most​

Bold360 is bringing the best of chatbots and human agents to your customers wherever they need help most.​

  • Bold360 Agent (f.k.a. Bold360)​
  • Bold360 Service (f.k.a. Bold360 ai)​
  • Bold360 Advise (NEW!)​
  • Bold360 Acquire (Beta)​

Conversational Designer

For Bold360 Service, Advise, Acquire

Creating fluid conversations has never been easier than it is with Bold360's new conversation-building tools. The improved Conversational Designer quickly converts Entities (data sources) into dynamic conversations with multiple questions and answers.

Key Features:​

  • Fluid variables generate unique conversations for every end user​
  • Easily add, change or remove variables and update call-to-action​
  • Bot preview in Article Editor allows the content manager to see what the end-user will see​
  • Responses can be displayed as image carousels, videos, quick buttons, and rich text.​
  • Support for JSON, CSV, and API data sources​

Chrome Extension & Salesforce Integration

For Bold360 Advise

Customer-facing employees often are working in multiple systems at a time. The last thing they need is another application to toggle to when searching for information.​

With Bold360's new employee-facing touch points we enable front-line employees' access to a knowledge from applications they're already using without wasting time flipping between multiple windows.

Key Features:​

  • Employees can suggest new content directly from these touchpoints ​
  • Proactive search on opened case title and data (Salesforce only)​
  • Select and search text in an opened webpage with 2 clicks (Chrome Extension only)​
  • Employees can provide open ended feedback on articles directly from the touchpoints​

Conversational Forms

For Bold360 Service

Contact center agents spend a lot of their time on simple tasks that could easily be automated. Bold360’s Conversational Forms help agents collect a pre-defined set of information with a single click, freeing them to focus on more complex, high-value tasks.​

Key Features:​

  • Seamlessly transition between form-fill task bot and human agent​
  • Pre-build numerous query bots for any set of commonly collected information​
  • Optimize agent productivity and reduce average handle time​

Email Management Engine

For Bold360 Agent, Service

Automating repeatable processes is the easiest way to help your contact center agents be more productive. Bold360’s updated Email Management Engine reduces the number of emails coming to human agents, freeing them to focus on more complex, high-value tasks.​

Key Features:​

  • Scans email subject, body, CC and BCC fields and routes email to specific departments according to pre-set conditions​
  • Auto-respond with canned messages and close an email thread​
  • Stack rule conditions so multiple actions can be automated​
  • Optimize agent productivity and reduce average handle time​

Harmony Widget

For Bold360 Service

With seamless transitions between bots and human agents, customers may not always be sure which they are communicating with.​

We think it's important to be transparent and clearly indicate whether a bot or human agent is answering.

That's why we created a new "Harmony" widget with clear distinctions between bots and live agents. The simplified, modern experience is also fully customizable, so the widget is consistent with your brand.


GeoFluent for Search Bar

For Bold360 Service, Advise​

Serving your customers in their native language boosts conversions and brand loyalty. But staffing a multilingual contact center can be expensive. That’s why we’ve expanded our integration with GeoFluent translation services to our search widget. Now, businesses can set up their knowledge base in one language and still support customers in many other languages.​

Key Features:​

  • Expand language translations to the search bar experience​
  • Offer multilingual self-service via chatbot and search widget​
  • Leverage a single-language knowledge base to support customers in many other languages​

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