What’s New – August 2018 Edition

Our product team has been working tirelessly on these enhancements that not only continue to make our AI smarter and easier to use, but also improve the experience for our customers – and YOUR customers as well. Here are some of the highlights from this latest release:

Bold360 ai Knowledge Base Capabilities

The first key product update is to our Bold360 ai Knowledge Base capabilities. While Bold360 ai already has robust knowledge base capabilities built in the product, we know that many organizations might also have KBs of their own already set up in other platforms. To make it easier for Bold360 customers to get up and running, we’ve created an out-of-the-box integration with ServiceNow. With this simple connection, customers can sync articles from their ServiceNow KB with Bold360 ai. This one-way sync ensures new articles, as well as changes to existing articles in ServiceNow, are replicated within Bold360 ai.

Check out this video to learn more!


Chat Widget Enhancements for Bold360 ai

We’re continually listening to the needs of our customers to make sure that Bold360 has the capabilities they need to deliver personalized and efficient experiences to the customers they serve. Here are a few of the additions we’ve made to help you meet your customers’ needs:

  • 2-Way File Sharing: Customers can send and receive files in the live agent chat window (Previously, only agents could send files.) Learn more about this feature.
  • Bot Suggestions (a.k.a. Hybrid Chat): Businesses can now enable bots to continue to assist with customer interactions even after customers transition to a human agent. Whenever the bot can help, it will offer suggestions. When it does not know the answer, the agent will respond in the same chat window.
  • Feedback per Answer: Customers can now give thumbs up or thumbs down feedback on any response the customer receives from the chatbot (rather than just per engagement.) Businesses can drill down further and review more detailed feedback in the Voices Dashboard.
  • Validated Chat: Offers an additional layer of verification & security, ensuring the handoff from chatbot to live agent only with intended customers.
  • Visitor Monitoring: Rich contextual information can be passed to the chatbot or live agent chat session through custom visitor monitoring.

New Supervisory Functions in Monitor View

To make supervisors lives easier, we’ve added a slew of new features to Monitor View, including:

  • View closed chats: In Monitor View you can now view closed live agent chats and chatbot sessions.
  • Improved search capabilities: Past chats can be searched for quickly based on a custom date range without requiring a keyword.
  • Conversation preview: The ability to look at an engagement overview as well as the customer info without digging into the conversation.
  • ‘View all folders’ view: enhanced birds’ eye view allowing you to view all open folders at once from the Monitor View.
Learn about monitoring chats for your organization

Agent Productivity Enhancements

We are continuing to create ways that will allow agents to do their jobs faster and easier. Earlier this year we tied our chatbot and agent solutions together to create a harmonious relationship between human agents and AI. With this recent release, we've included enhancements such as:

  • Better audio alerts: Brand new audio alerts that are louder and more attention grabbing so agents never miss an interaction.
  • Improved multitasking: Agents can now display 6 work items at once in the "swim lane" view. We've also improved performance to better handle switching between multiple items.
  • Text editor enhancements: We've introduced an all-new text editor with better support for rich messaging and URL embedding along with typing performance.
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