Knowledge Management Tools

Real-Time Knowledge Management

As an organization grows, so does the complexity of its knowledge base and the demands of maintaining it. While many organizations begin by manually collecting their knowledge assets in an Excel document, manually updating static documents with growing information becomes unsustainable. That’s where intelligent knowledge management tools come in handy. Knowledge management tools basically turn static knowledge base information into a digital asset that’s quick and easy for customers and agents to access and the company to maintain.

Not all Knowledge Management Tools Are Created Equal

Organizations can import existing knowledge bases into a single, yet powerful knowledge management system. This consolidates all knowledge resources into one place, which is not only easier to maintain but also allows customer and support agents to access the same knowledge content, ensuring consistency in responses across self-service and agent support.

Once the knowledge base is imported, advanced knowledge management tools within the system make it easy to manage content. For instance, Bold360’s Voices Dashboard offers knowledge management tools to add, edit, delete, approve, and categorize knowledge base content. It shows you what areas of your knowledge base need attention based on insights from actual customer experiences and allows users to immediately update articles based on real-time agent feedback.

Look for Advanced Knowledge Management Software

Advanced knowledge management software assists with your knowledge management strategy by keeping you informed on where there are gaps in your knowledge base, where you could optimize content, and what questions your customers are asking most often. This knowledge management software helps you make informed, strategic decisions on what topics you should train your service team to handle, how to adjust your website information, and even what sales materials or other communications should be created or revised to address flagged issues.

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