What is a Knowledge Base (KB)?

Knowledge Base Definition:

A knowledge base (KB) is a library of information about an organization’s products, services, policies, and more. AI-powered chatbots pull information from the knowledge base to answer customer queries and to help agents during live engagements. The more accurate and well rounded the knowledge base (KB) is, the better the chatbot can do its job: deliver information.

Creating a Well-Managed and Robust Knowledge Base

Today’s customer expects immediate information without having to wait for a reply, which is why self-service channels are growing in popularity, and live agents are expected to work more efficiently. To provide a great experience on self-service and live agent channels, you must have an organized knowledge base so the right information can be accessed instantly.

Keeping knowledge base content up to date, relevant to what customers are looking for, and comprehensive across products, departments, and lines of business is imperative to delivering a great customer experience. With a solid knowledge base, artificial intelligence (AI) can draw more helpful information and more accurate responses when helping both customers on the front line and agents behind the scenes. Essentially, the strength of your KB affects agent efficiency, customer satisfaction (CSAT), and net promoter scores (NPS). What is the key to building and maintaining a robust knowledge base? Having an effective and efficient knowledge management system.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Knowledge Bases

Effective knowledge bases aren’t static; they continue to evolve to better serve the needs of customers and agents. But when it comes to maintaining vast amounts of company knowledge, how do you know what to focus on? A knowledge management strategy allows you to prioritize where to focus your efforts, helping you make decisions about what articles to create from scratch, update, or break out into more detail.

Bold360 uses artificial intelligence to offer advanced insights and assist in your knowledge base content strategy. As AI-powered chatbots handle customer self-service, Bold360 collects engagement information in real time and reports how well the chatbot was able to answer questions. Since these inputs happen in real time, your team can make changes to knowledge content that are instantly available for the chatbot to use.

In addition, an intelligent feedback system allows both customers and agents to rate the usefulness of content offered by AI so you can determine where optimizations are needed. With comprehensive knowledge management capabilities and artificial intelligence helping to recognize, flag, and fill in content gaps, you can optimize your knowledge base on an ongoing basis to provide great customer experiences.

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