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Build Answers for Your Bots with Knowledge Base Articles

A knowledge base article, or KB article, is an answer to a question that an AI chatbot retrieves from a knowledge base and delivers to a customer or agent. In other words, KB articles are essentially the brain of your bot. With lots of knowledge base articles on file inside your knowledge base, your AI chatbot has a large bank of information to pull from whenever it’s asked a question. KB articles can even contain rich media, such as images, videos, and embedded documents – whatever helps answer the question in the most digestible way.

Having a complete repository of KB articles is important because today’s customers are accustomed to intelligent search bars that always deliver the content they’re looking for. When they come to your website, are they finding the answer to their question? If a knowledge base article doesn’t exist, your chatbot won’t be able to deliver the answer to your customer, resulting in a conversational dead end. Further, are your customers happy with the answer they receive? If your KB articles aren’t clear, informative, and delivered at the right time, that customer may become frustrated and take their business elsewhere. And if it’s your agent who encounters a missing or insufficient answer, now they’re floundering during a live chat interaction with a customer. Not good.

To ensure that your bot meets your customers’ expectations, make sure it has the right knowledge base articles to answer their questions - with plenty of cross references to boot - so your customers effortlessly find everything they need. A best-of-class customer engagement software solution makes creating knowledge base articles and maintaining a library easy.

A Knowledge Base Article Template makes it faster and easier to build your knowledge base.

A customer engagement solution with robust knowledge base features like Bold360 makes creating knowledge base articles easy. The interface gives the business user full control over the knowledge base article template.

There are two ways to add content to the knowledge base article template:

  1. Import Existing FAQs
  2. If you have existing FAQs on your website, you can import them into the Bold360 dashboard to instantly create a knowledge base with one click. The content goes directly into the knowledge base article template, and answers are immediately available to both customers and agents. This capability is unique to Bold360.

  3. Write Knowledge Base Articles from Scratch
  4. A clean and simple interface makes it easy for any business user to write knowledge base articles from scratch without using code or needing a degree in data science. Keep in mind that answers should be succinct, and you can add rich media such as photos, videos, embedded documents, and article trees that give customers easy-to-click options.

Watch this video to see a knowledge base article example showing how both of these methods work.

Access to the underlying knowledge base article template is important because it gives you full control over the knowledge base articles that your chatbot uses when engaging with customers. Some cognitive AI solutions don’t give you an interface like this because the machine learning isn’t guided by a human, so you have no control over your bot’s output. With these deep machine learning solutions, you input data once, which takes a lot of time and tedious programming, and then the chatbot takes on a life of its own. You don’t get to peek under the hood and make changes like you can in Bold360.

Being able to access the knowledge base article template also helps improve your chatbot’s ability over time. As the conversational AI becomes more intelligent, it will make the connection between varying questions with the same intent and suggest the appropriate answer, which you can approve with one click. The next time a customer asks any of the question variations in the knowledge base article template, the chatbot will deliver the appropriate answer automatically.

You’ll also want to monitor how your KB articles are performing in answering your customers’ questions. Bold360’s Voices Dashboard shows you the questions customers are asking and how satisfied they were with the answers. The interface flags any answers that need to be created or edited, so you can go into the knowledge base article template to make the adjustments.

Title: How do I write a knowledge base article?

Other phrasing with the same intent: How do I write a KB article? Writing a knowledge base article. Writing a KB article. How to write a knowledge base article. How to write a KB article. Creating a knowledge base article.

Content: Here are some best practices for writing a knowledge base article.

  1. Keep it succinct – Customers want a simple answer, not an essay.
  2. Make it scannable – Break up long blocks of text with lists, headers, or graphics.
  3. Add resources – Sometimes a photo, video, or link can answer questions faster.
  4. Test and optimize – Keep an eye on user feedback and edit your content until you see the number of questions around a topic go down.

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