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Technologies for remote customer support have improved dramatically in recent years. Customer support organizations can leverage a wide range of products in the market to implement their customer engagement strategies. One important support technology is video chat software used for online live chat in websites.

Most live chat solutions enable customer support agents and their customers to communicate via basic messaging only. Some of the more comprehensive chat support software solutions, such as Bold360 from LogMeIn, also include video chat software to enable companies to provide deeper, more personal engagement and interaction with their customers.

Increase Agent Productivity Using Video Chat Software

Delivering online chat service enabled with video enhances customer service levels. Video-enabled chat allows customer support agents to provide help in a more personal manner that results in improved customer satisfaction. the ability to conduct a video chat can make a positive impact on support case resolution times as well as generate more sales.

Bold360, the market-leading omni-channel enterprise chat solution provides the best live chat for website customer care. You can use Bold360 to engage your customers through live chat, video chat*, email, SMS*, and Twitter*. Bold360’s core functionality as a live message and video chat software allows your company to stay ahead of the competition. Delivering live help online through interactive video allows you to perform product demonstrations, instruct customers on complicated procedures, and consult face-to-face. Seemingly complex, time-consuming questions and issues get answered and resolved quicker, allowing agents to help more customers over time. The overall result is increased productivity for agents, reduced support cost per customer, and increased revenue.

Bold360’s Video Chat Software Delivers Class-Leading Features

Features in Bold360’s live chat app for website support are highly configurable. This allows you to customize Bold360 to your engagement requirements. Bold360's video chat software can be set up with rules-based proactive video chat invitations, rules-based routing of video chat sessions, and one-way or two-way audio and video controls in the video chat window. Multi-language support is available with automated speech-to-text transcription archival in over 30 languages. Reporting features in Bold360’s video chat software allow you to collect actionable video chat data that you can use for optimizing video chat configuration to enhance user experience for agents and customers alike.

To initiate video chat support service, agents can invite customers into video chat or customers can request for video chat service themselves. Video chat features can then be activated using buttons on the Bold360 live chat window. This window then transforms into an adjustable video chat browser window in which customers and agents can collaborate to accomplish the customers’ goals.

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