Mobile Live Chat

More than half of consumers use their mobile device to research products or services before they purchase. But one bad experience will send them packing. Capture and retain more business with mobile live chat by engaging with them in a way that matches their habits – and their expectations.

Layered live chat for mobile

Let visitors chat while they browse on their mobile device.

Using live chat for mobile, visitors can browse and chat simultaneously, thanks to superimposed chat windows that display directly on the page the visitor is viewing. If the visitor navigates away, the chat box stays with them. Modify the chat box’s colors and text, change transparency settings, and customize after-chat iconography.


Mobile chat invitations

Target visitors on their mobile device wherever they are.

Maximize mobile engagement by creating an entirely unique experience for mobile visitors. Bold360 automatically recognizes the type of device a website visitor is using and presents chat invitations that render beautifully on it.

  • Create mobile-specific chat rules
  • Customize design elements for mobile
  • Design your own mobile chat invitations

Mobile-aware chat windows

Flawless function, regardless of the device.

Bold360 automatically senses the device used and adjusts chat windows to render accordingly. CSS and Javascript auto-detect the size of the device and if it's a touchscreen. Then, several adjustments are made to ensure a clean and pleasant mobile chat experience, even when the device is rotated.


Mobile SDK

Add chat to your app.

Embed live chat directly in your native iOS and Android app, so users can enjoy a seamless sales or support chat experience without ever leaving the app. Deploy Bold360's elegantly designed in-app chat with minimal code, and fully customize and implement chat using the mobile SDK.

  • Native, out-of-the-box styles for iOS and Android apps
  • Custom chat buttons that match your brand
  • Chats take place directly on the app page the visitor is viewing
  • The chat follows the user, even if they navigate to a different page

Routing & reporting

Know your mobile visitor.

When you can identify mobile visitors, you can cater to their unique needs and resolve issues as quickly as possible. Set up intelligent routing rules specific to visitors chatting from mobile devices, and run reports to analyze and interpret mobile chat activity, invites and live chat survey data, so you’re always improving.


Discover smarter, more personalized engagement.

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