Online Chat Box Features and Customizations

Start the Conversation in the Online Chat Box

One of the best tools for engaging with website visitors is an online chat box. Businesses can leverage live chat to convert visitors to customers and from customers to loyal advocates.

Bold360, an industry-leading solution for enabling live chat for business, offers turnkey live chat features for customer engagement. It gives businesses the flexibility and control to engage customers intelligently and personally. Bold360’s online chat box is just the starting point of engagement. Beyond that, Bold360 enables streamlined omni-channel engagement through self-service, chatbots, social media channels, SMS text, and more.

Bold360’s Online Chat Box Incorporates Cutting-Edge Technology

Designed and developed by LogMeIn, a leader in customer engagement solutions, Bold360 is built with the latest technologies like artificial intelligence. These technologies help businesses increase customer acquisition and retention and improve customer service with a streamlined agent workflow. These industry-leading technologies include:

  • Proactive Invitations -- Bold360 allows businesses to proactively invite visitors into live chat. Agents can manually send invitations or use the proactive rules-based engine to automatically send invitations. The rules-based engine can trigger invitations based on criteria such as predefined visitor behavior, types of buyers, and pages visited.
  • AI-Powered Knowledge Base -- Proactive messages can also be sent by our AI-powered chatbot. Leveraging advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology, Bold360’s chatbot works on the front-line allowing customers to self-serve, and also works as a “Smart Advisor” to agents in the system’s back end. After understanding the customer’s intent, it retrieves the appropriate information from its knowledge base and serves up the answer.
  • Adaptive Canned Messaging -- Adaptive Canned Messaging uses a proprietary algorithm to search the canned messages repository and look for real-time answers to customer questions. Search results continually update to present agents with the most relevant responses, enabling them to work more quickly and efficiently.
  • Auto-Answers -- Bold360’s auto-answers feature allows customers to receive automated answers to commonly asked questions in the online chat box. Businesses can compose and deliver prepared answers as first-line responses to customer questions before beginning a live chat session. The auto answers feature leverages Bold360’s Adaptive Messaging algorithm to provide the most relevant answers.

Online Chat Box Customizations with Bold360 Live Chat

If you’re wondering how to get live chat for your website that reflects your brand’s identity Bold360 has the answer. Bold360 lets you customize nearly every aspect of your online chat box appearance and behavior, so you can unleash your brand's distinct personality, and tailor your chat implementation to your individual deployment strategy, team structure, and unique business needs.

  • Aesthetics -- With access to the entire chat window code from the client application, you can easily change the colors, transparency settings and more for a truly branded experience.
  • Mobile-Aware -- Our chat windows are mobile-aware by default, so they function and appear cleanly across mobile devices.
  • Languages -- Bold360 intelligently detects the language of your user and dynamically displays everything in the chat box window in that language. A number of languages are supported out of the box, but you can also customize the chat box window into other languages as needed.

In addition to front-end appearance and behavior, there are a number of configurations you can make to your online chat box strategy.

  • Routing Rules -- Administrators can set up departments, folders, and permission groups for incoming chats to be intelligently routed and assigned to the right agent.
  • Administrator Controls -- From report scheduling to conversion tracking and sophisticated testing, Bold360 administrators have full control and visibility.

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