Live chat support

A great live chat support experience can impress and delight customers and keep them returning to your website time and again.

Live chat support gives visitors the option to immediately connect with a customer service agent to get answers to questions, recommendations on products or services, or help finding exactly what they’re looking for quickly and easily.

Statistics show that customers love this having a live chat support option. Approximately 90% of customers consider live chat support to be helpful, and 44% of online consumers say that having questions answered by a live person is one of the most important functions a website can offer.

But customer service chat isn’t just great for customers – it’s great for business as well. Shoppers are 4.6 times more likely to convert after using live chat support, and they’re likely to spend 60% more on their purchases. Plus, they typically realize a 9.3x improvement in agent performance, and a 2.6x decrease in customer care costs.

When you’re considering solutions for live chat for a website, Bold360 offers a market-leading solution that provides flexibility and control, while delivering an exceptional live chat support experience.

Bold360: a superior live chat support experience.

Powered by LogMeIn, Bold360 offers superior chat software that lets you build better customer engagement to increase sales, improve loyalty and optimize operational efficiency.

Bold360’s powerful chat engine enables you to:

  • Customize live chat support to engage customers in your own brand voice and to fine-tune your chat experience as you learn more about the most effective practices for your website and customers.
  • Increase conversions by helping to resolve issues and answer questions for customers as they consider making a purchase.
  • Achieve greater loyalty by providing a superior online experience.
  • Simplify digital communications by consolidating management of chat, video chat*, SMS*, Twitter*, email and more within a single solution.
  • Improve efficiency by enabling agents to manage several conversations at once.

Robust tools for live chat support

Bold360’s live chat software for your website provides a comprehensive set of tools that include:

  • Live chat support with options for proactive chat, visitor monitoring, video chat, online self service and more.
  • Omni-channel engagement tools that let you engage customers on any channel they choose.
  • Mobile engagement tools that help you impress and delight mobile customers with a superior live chat support experience on their smartphones and tablets.
  • Administration and reporting features that include a supervisor dashboard and tools for enhancing security, permission settings, routing communications and producing reports.
  • Integrations and APIs that let you break down barriers between applications to consolidate customer information and give your agents a complete picture of your customers and their communication history.

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