Voice of the customer — Voices Dashboard

Are you hearing what your customers are telling you through every interaction? Bold360 ai captures the voice of the customers by extracting customer experience analytics and insights. By listening to Bold360 ai's Voices, you can go from guessing to understanding your customers' needs.

Visualize Customer Inquiries

Turn voice of the customer analytics into actionable insights.

Every time customers seek guidance, ask a question, or look up information, Voices captures inquiries in a visual format. With a complete view of the customer, your company can improve strategic decision-making to deliver an experience that inspires loyalty.


Track Patterns

Identify big problems before they're big.

Bold360 ai's Natural Language Processing (NLP) groups similar topics to give you a clearer picture of issues concerning your user base, and the voice of the customer appears in tiles to show you the frequency and quality of outcome. You'll be able to quickly identify new issues that arise or improve existing paths with new content or better routing.


Dissect Data

Group, sort and filter for greater understanding.

The analytics for voice of the customer gives you the flexibility to view your data the way you want, so you can harness the insights you need to improve your content and process. Get an overview of trends or dissect down to granular topics and requests. You can slice and dice information according to any context, geo-location, and customer profiles.


Discover smarter, more personalized engagement.

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