What is a Virtual Agent?

Virtual Agent Definition:

Virtual agents use artificial intelligence (AI) to help customers with customer service and support issues across various communication channels, much like a human agent would. Virtual agents can also assist human agents during live customer interactions by offering helpful and contextual information as conversations unfold. By doing this, virtual agents help reduce the human agent’s workload, assisting customers on the front lines of customer self-service interactions.

What’s the Difference Between a Virtual Agent and Chatbot?

If virtual agents sound a lot like chatbots, you’re right. Some people draw a distinction between the two, virtual agents vs. chatbots, saying that virtual agents are more intelligent than chatbots or that they work on different engagement channels. But with Bold360’s advanced AI technology using natural language understanding (NLU) and natural language processing (NLP), chatbots and virtual agents are one and the same, offering highly intelligent, contextually relevant conversations with customers, no matter which channel they’re on.

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Virtual Chat Agent, At Your Service

Bold360’s virtual agents turn chat messaging channels into self-service opportunities so that customers can get help instantly, without waiting for a human agent. A virtual chat agent can quickly answer routine questions, provide requested data, and help customers complete transactions – all in one self-service interaction. If the virtual chat agent needs help answering a query, or if the customer requests a human, intelligent routing transitions the interaction to a live agent, where the virtual chat agent continues to assist the agent behind the scenes throughout the engagement.

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