Transparent AI

Design the content behind every conversation with full transparency into Bold360's artificial intelligence. It shows you where your effort is needed most, and where to fine-tune the customer journey. Your business can scale without sacrificing any aspect of the customer experience.

One-Shot Learning​

Start getting smarter with the first customer interaction.

As customers seek answers, Bold360 ai uses one-shot learning to capture data, eliminating the need to create hundreds of topics and responses prior to deploying. You'll start learning what you need to know from day one.

  • When customers don't get a good outcome, a "red-tile" is activated on the dashboard, so you know where to take action.
  • Build your knowledge base on actual customer questions, to make it more relevant.

Natural Language Understanding​

Keep it conversational with technology that can keep up.

Bold360 ai's Patented Natural Language Understanding (NLU) allows bots to have real conversations with customers, where and when they want. NLU focuses on interpreting the customer's intent to provide contextually relevant information. Bots ask questions and gather additional information to verify what the customer is looking for, all in a conversational format.


Self-Learning AI

Every interaction leads to better results and happier customers.

Bold360 ai's machine learning finds patterns in data to deliver the most effective results. Once it sees certain questions resolved by certain answers, it knows to serve those answers again. And by adding in context, customers can ask the same exact question and get different answers based on their profile and personal account information.


Intelligent Conversations Through a Scalable Engine​

Transparent AI

Unlike other solutions, Bold360 ai is accessible and actionable, making it easy to deploy and manage​.

Chatbots and Virtual Agents​

Where other customer service chatbots are limited to predefined scripts, Bold360 ai delivers personalized, contextually-relevant customer conversation.​

Engage Everywhere​

Start with one channel or eight channels of engagement. Bold360 ai won’t break a sweat supporting your customers, no matter how they want to interact.​

Discover smarter, more personalized engagement.

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