Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing facilitates conversations between chatbots and humans. NLP encompasses all of the systems that allow chatbots to handle end-to-end interactions in the customer’s language, including ingesting what is being said, working deeply to understand the customer’s meaning (which is where Bold360 ai’s Natural Language Understanding (NLU) comes into play), figuring out what to do with that input, and generating appropriate responses. All in a conversational way.

Because Bold360 ai-powered chatbots are built with proprietary Natural Language Processing technology, they can process your customers’ intent, are context-aware, and learn from past experiences to engage in conversations that truly feel natural, turning self-service interactions into engaging conversations that satisfy customers.

Elevate the experience with NLP chatbots.

Chatbots should provide meaningful customer experiences, not a gimmick. Using Natural Language Processing (NLP), AI chatbots create great customer experiences in conversational interactions, personalize responses to the customer based on what we know about them, provide answers, and facilitate real transactions. The result is tailored engagement outcomes that put the customer in the right next step.

But most basic chatbots live in a rules-based world, meaning they can talk about a limited scope of topics that a human scripted for them. Bold360 ai-powered chatbots live in an intelligent machine world. They learn from past experiences, adapt to the customer based on contextual understanding, and generate personalized responses using innate conversation skills. Bold360 ai’s patented Natural Language Processing (NLP) powered chatbots makes it possible.

NLP machine learning adds problem-solving intelligence.

Sophisticated chatbots use NLP machine learning to get smarter over time. Bold360 ai uses NLP machine learning to find patterns in data and conversations, and then infer what actions to take based on those patterns. Besides having the ability to learn on its own, a Bold360 ai chatbot also learns through agent input. Whenever a chatbot is unable to solve an issue, it learns how the agent solves it, so that it can autonomously address similar inquiries in the future. With both unsupervised and supervised NLP machine learning, Bold360 ai chatbots are constantly improving to solve problems for better customer outcomes.

Bold360 ai’s NLP technology is designed to satisfy customers.

As neat as it may be to talk to robots, if customers aren’t satisfied by the experience, they may not come back again. Bold360 ai’s powerful NLP technology, which combines NLU, NLP machine learning, and Natural Language Generation (NLG), enables our bots to engage customers in conversations by interpreting and translating their natural language, find patterns and call on memory to specify which actions to take, and then generate a response with those actions back to the customer in a way that mimics human speech. By working on so many levels to communicate accurately and conversationally, Bold360 ai’s NLP technology puts the customer experience first.

Bold360 ai takes NLP technology another step further by visualizing what your chatbot is learning from your customers in the Voices Dashboard. By capturing what they’re trying to tell you, you can go from guessing to understanding your customers’ needs.

Learn more about the Bold360 ai and how our patented NLP technology comprehends unstructured human language through powerful Natural Language Understanding.

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