What is a Chatbot?

Chatbot Definition:

A chatbot is a computer program powered by artificial intelligence (AI) that users can communicate with in a human-like way. A chatbot can be deployed on websites, mobile apps, social media messenger apps, SMS/text, and other communication channels to serve as front-line virtual agents to website visitors and customers, and to serve behind the scenes to customer service agents. So, what is a chatbot? Your customer service and support dynamo.

Who Benefits from Chatbots?

Businesses with a large customer base and/or limited resources can benefit from automating customer service in the form of virtual agents or live chat bots. Chatbots have the capability to interact with customers by carrying out simple conversations and replying to less complex questions, which allows customers to be served immediately and frees up customer service agents for more high-value work.

The Benefits of Customer-Facing Chatbots

Customers who have common and non-complex issues don’t want to spend unnecessary time reaching out to a live agent when they can have their questions answered quickly by a chatbot. With answers at their fingertips, customer satisfaction improves. If the question cannot be answered by the chatbot, intelligent routing transfers customers to a live agent, who can provide the information that they’re looking for.

The Benefits of Agent-Facing Chatbots

With live chat bots assisting customers on the front-end, human agents are free to tackle more complex interactions and questions. When customer service agents engage with customers in live chat interactions, they can be assisted by automated bots. These chatbots assist human agents by presenting contextual customer data such as information from the customer’s previous chatbot conversation, past customer order details, or even inventory, to greatly improve customer service productivity.

Finding the Best Chatbot for Your Business

Most chatbot software in the market provides only basic live chat bot functionality without omni-channel engagement options. When businesses ask “How do I automate interaction with customers using live chatbot for my website?”, they typically conduct a live chat bot software comparison to find out which vendors offer the most comprehensive solution – including support for chatbots. For thousands of businesses worldwide, the search has led to Bold360 from LogMeIn. Unlike simplistic chatbots that rely on pre-scripted answers, which often frustrate users and lead to dead ends, Bold360 chatbots are built with the intelligence to have personalized, dynamic conversations.

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