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Credit Unions Know that Member Experience is Key.

There is no shortage of competition in the Financial Services industry. In this crowded marketplace - one with very sizable competition - consumers have their choice of products and services with minimal price and feature differentials.

So, how do smaller credit providers stand apart from big banks in the eyes of consumers? Credit unions have long known that the answer is providing exceptional service. Improving the member experience doesn’t only help you acquire new members at a lower cost while enhancing loyalty,1 it also results in a higher share of deposits and a better chance of cross-selling other products and services to your current members.2

Credit unions are known for their personalized approach, and many have shied away from new technology, believing that it creates a barrier between their members and member service representatives. But as digital engagement solutions improve, credit unions are starting to reap the benefits of AI and automation without losing the exceptional member experiences they are known for providing.



“I am optimistic about the banking industry mostly because of the huge opportunity that digital innovations give institutions to serve their members. It’s an exciting time and it requires some out-of-box thinking and a leap of faith in order to move forward.”

Jim Norris, CEO, Montgomery County Employees Federal Credit Union


How Does Bold360 Support a Better Member Experience?

Bold360 creates personalized experiences that make every member feel special. It taps into the wealth of data you already have about your members, and supports them with the optimal combination of AI and human engagement. With Bold360, credit unions are delivering modern experiences across digital channels.

AI-Powered Self-Service

Many consumers today prefer self-service. In fact, 81% of consumers will try to self-serve before calling a contact center.4 They want quick answers to questions like, “What’s my account balance?” or “How do I submit a claim?” With Bold360’s truly conversational chatbots, dynamic search bars, and other AI-powered self-service capabilities, your members can find both general and personalized info they need on their own, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.And it pays off. Companies using self-service enjoy 71% greater annual improvement in customer satisfaction rates, retain 76% more of their clientele, and have a 6x greater annual improvement in customer lifetime value.5

Bot + Agent Harmony

Bold360 is the industry’s most tightly integrated agent and chatbot solution, which means your members enjoy a seamless experience. When an engagement moves from self-service to an agent, all context is carried over, so the member never has to repeat themselves. Representatives pick up right where the chatbot left off. And during one-on-one, high-value conversations that are best handled by humans, Bold360 works behind the scenes to help your member representatives find the answers they need fast.

Member Journey Insights

To enhance the experience, you need to know everything you can about what your members are looking for and where they’re experiencing friction. Bold360 serves up real-time insights into every interaction and highlights where there are gaps. You get immediate access to the data you need to solve short-term problems and advance your long-term strategy. Never wonder where your efforts are needed again.

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