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Large enterprises that run high traffic websites can leverage visitor volume to increase sales through proactive engagement. Depending on how effective engagement strategies and tools are, sales can be increased markedly. One of the best ways to implement website engagement initiatives is through live chat with website visitors using enterprise chat software.

Live chat enables customer service agents to interact directly with website visitors. The aim of the interaction is to convert site visitors to paying customers, and to keep existing customers happy and loyal. Live chat for business is an excellent vehicle for delivering superior customer support. Some enterprise chat software even provides live video chat capabilities through a video chat browser. Video interaction permits support personnel to perform live demonstrations of products or complex procedures to solve customers’ issues with technical products or services. Issues get solved quicker with video chat resulting in increased productivity and higher customer satisfaction.

Bold360 Enterprise Chat Software is Designed for High Traffic Websites

The most innovative live chat software solution in the market is Bold360 from LogMeIn, the industry-leading remote customer management solutions provider. Bold360 is a fully featured enterprise chat software solution. It supports and integrates engagement options through multiple channels including live text chat, live video chat, email, SMS, and Twitter. It is designed for live chat support services for any type of website including very high traffic sites.

Bold360 is built with scalability and availability in mind. Its servers are hosted in LogMeIn’s geographically distributed and redundant carrier-grade SAS-70 compliant Tier 1 data centers that achieve 99.999% uptime. Bold360 enterprise chat software provides SLA reporting and a supervisory dashboard to monitor Bold360 metrics such as live chat activity and customer service agent workload. These features provide visibility into the effectiveness and ROI of using Bold360 for enterprise live chat.

Bold360 Enterprise Chat Software Integrates with CRM and Contact Center Applications

Use our pre-built integrations, or quickly build your own to refine the engagement experience for both agents and customers.

When Bold360 is integrated with Salesforce*, full chat transcripts, contact information, and other chat session data can be automatically exported to Salesforce. Complete chat histories can then be retrieved and reviewed within Salesforce records. Customer service agents can easily review website support chat histories when follow up is needed for particular customers.

Integrating Bold360 with a Zendesk ticketing system enables customer service organizations to be more efficient. Agents can create new Zendesk tickets and update ticket fields from within Bold360, search existing tickets while chatting, push chat transcripts to tickets automatically, and link tickets to current conversations. These streamlined tasks maximize the efficiency of workflows executed by customer service agents using Bold360 enterprise chat software.

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