Simplify engagement with better customer support software.

When it comes to delivering a superior online customer experience, your customer support software is a critical piece of technology.

The convenience of online shopping has conditioned customers to expect speed. They want to find products fast, complete sales quickly and breeze through the checkout process. And when they have questions about products, services or support online, they expect immediate answers. Gone are the days when the customer would be satisfied sitting on hold for five minutes or sending an email and waiting for response.

The right customer support software can satisfy this expectation by enabling website live chat. When customers need help, a chat tool lets them converse in real time with a customer service agent who can quickly resolve their issues.

When chat-based customer support software works well, the results are remarkable. Customers who use chat are 4.6 times more likely to convert, and spend on average 60% more than customers who don’t use chat.

But choosing the right customer support software is an absolute necessity. When you want customer support software that delivers a superior experience for customers and agents alike, Bold360 from LogMeIn is the answer.

Customer support software from Bold360.

Bold360 provides leading customer support software that lets you engage customers at the right time in the right way, helping to improve sales, enhance loyalty and increase operational efficiency.

Bold360’s online chat software is easy to use right out of the box, enabling you to quickly implement live help on your website. Where other solutions offer a rigid, cookie-cutter approach to customer support software, Bold360 lets you customize nearly everything so you can communicate with customers in your own voice and fine-tune chat offerings to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

What can you do with Bold360’s customer support software?

Bold360’s customer support software lets you:

  • Convert more visitors. Bold360 enables visitors to engage with you anyway they choose – via chat, mobile chat, live video chat, online self-service and even sharing a software browser with an agent – to resolve issues quickly and move users successfully toward conversion.
  • Build greater loyalty. Bold360’s customer support software allows you to deliver a superior chat support experience, increasing customer satisfaction and improving customer opinion of your brand.
  • Simplify omni-channel communications. By giving you the tools to manage all points of customer contact – chat, email, Twitter*, SMS* and more – and by allowing you to integrate chat data with other customer information systems, Bold360 not only simplifies management of customer communications but allows you to get a more complete picture of each customer’s history, needs and preferences.

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