Increase sales with the right chat engine.

Your choice of chat engine has a lot to do with your ability to increase sales and customer loyalty. Providing an option for live chat on your website lets visitors contact a customer service agent anytime they had a question or need help. Instead of waiting for a response to an email or sitting on hold for 5 or 10 minutes, live support chat lets customers get answers, advice and resolution to problems almost immediately.

The impact of a chat engine for your website can be huge. Visitors who use chat while shopping are 4.6 times more likely to convert than other visitors to your website, and the value of their purchases is 60% more on average than customers who don’t take advantage of help chat.

The key to achieving results like this is choosing the right live chat software for your website. Your chat engine must make chat simple to use for customers and agents alike. It must enable you to integrate your chat engine with existing information systems to give you a complete view of your customer. And it must be able to make chat available in whatever way your customers want to engage – online, via mobile, with video, through self-service and more.

A superior chat engine from Bold360

Bold360 provides a market-leading chat engine that is the choice of thousands of companies around the world.

Bold360 delivers all the functionality you need to reap the rewards of a superior website live chat experience. It’s easy for customers and agents to use and simple for your IT team to manage. Built-in APIs integrations let you quickly connect your chat engine to your CRM platform and other customer -related information stores. It allows customers to use live chat, mobile chat and video chat, and even offers proactive chat functionality where you can start a chat with a customer who seems like they might need help. And perhaps most importantly, virtually every aspect of this chat engine can be customized to create a customer conversation that reflects your brand, your voice and your unique personality.

Benefits of Bold360’s industry-leading chat engine

A chat engine from Bold360 enables you to:

  • Increase profitability by driving up conversions and the average value of sales.
  • Build greater loyalty by providing an online shopping experience that customers want to return to time and again.
  • Enhance productivity by enabling your agents to do more in less time, managing multiple conversations simultaneously and resolving issues with greater speed.

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