Video Chat

Deliver more personalized experiences with just one click.

When looking for support, a customer’s choice of communication channel depends largely on the complexity of the situation, the level of assistance required, and the device they’re using – and digital channels are on the rise. In fact, if customers knew they could get a resolution to their issue on the first attempt, more than 70% would choose a channel other than phone.* For high-touch, high-value situations like product demonstrations and consultative sales, beauty or personal finance interactions, video chat provides customers with the digital, yet personal, experience they require – right when they need it, from the comfort of their home or office.

For businesses wanting to remain competitive, reducing friction and delivering fast, painless and personalized customer experiences is critical. BoldChat’s video chat capabilities are one way to accomplish this.

How Does It Work?

BoldChat’s video chat capabilities are fully integrated and native to our solution, so customers can seamlessly add video chat without requiring any development work to integrate with 3rd party systems. Once up-and-running, agents and website visitors can quickly start a video chat session using either reactive chat buttons (static or floating) or proactive invitations (rules-based or manual). Agents can also easily turn any text chat session into a video chat session if the conversation would be better suited to a face-to-face interaction. With multiple configuration options, including proactive video chat invitations, routing rules, an adjustable video chat window (for both the operator and the visitor), and one-way or two-way audio and video controls, your video chat experience can be completely customized to meet the unique needs of your business. Our WebRTC-based solution requires zero downloads, zero plugins, and allows for instant connectivity.** Speech to text support in 30+ languages provides transcriptions for archiving, and our comprehensive reporting options enable companies to monitor and optimize on the success of video chat sessions.

When Should Video Chat Be Used?

Video chat allows for a more engaging and unique way to connect with your customers and prospects in a live and interactive way and is ideal for:

  • Visual demonstrations of complex or high-end products or solutions 
  • Face-to-face consultations like mortgage discussions, beauty consultations, and more
  • Virtual evaluation and diagnosis of common illnesses, insurance claims, etc.

By providing customers with a more personalized digital support experience, companies are able to drive higher conversions, average order value and customer satisfaction, and reduce operational support costs – ultimately boosting revenue and increasing customer lifetime value. 

* Where Contact Centers Are Missing the Mark with Customer Care, Ovum, 2015
** WebRTC support is only available for Google Chrome (which accounts for 75% of the
global browser share)