Chat Experiment Engine

Test and optimize like never before.

Chat is the most direct and immediate way you can engage with your website visitors. So you shouldn't be taking a cookie-cutter approach to your chat implementation any more than you'd take a cookie-cutter approach to your overall site management. But you want to make sure you get it right. That's why testing is such an integral part of a website's optimization strategy. It's important to know which levers are really going to move the needle, especially when it comes to chat. Whether you want to run simple A/B tests or a full suite of multivariate tests to better optimize your BoldChat implementation, our Experiment Engine has the power to deliver. 

What Is the Experiment Engine?

The Chat Experiment Engine provides true multivariate testing capabilities, with a sophisticated level of control that lets you test multiple variations of buttons, windows, invitations, and invite rules or rule sets simultaneously. With the Chat Experiment Engine, you can conduct a test of two or more presentations of chat buttons and invitations. 

Test and control audiences can be split across many elements. With multidimensional segmentation variables – first time vs. repeat visitors, geo-location, device, page or referrer URL, page view count, etc. – and defined control group sizes and durations, businesses have the tools they need to run experiments and gain valuable insight into their chat strategy. 

Why Are Experiments Important? 

BoldChat's Experiment Engine empowers companies to be in full control of their implementation, optimizing for improvement. Experiments allow for the measurement of chat's conversion power to gauge improvement. As a result, companies are able to manage, test, measure, and report on chat engagements in a meaningful way, driving their business forward. Example experiments include:

  • Measuring the incremental effect of having chat versus not having chat
  • Comparing multiple variations of button types (e.g., static and floating), styles, and positions to see which generates more conversions
  • Testing alternative proactive invitation rules to measure engagement uplift

Chat is becoming a more and more important (and effective) way to engage with customers and prospects. To ensure you're taking advantage of the critical opportunities for chat engagement, it's essential to test multiple approaches. With BoldChat's sophisticated Chat Experiment Engine, you’ll be able to optimize your implementation quickly and easily.