Businesses that have a large customer base and/or limited resources can benefit from automating customer service. For businesses that provide customer service through online live chat on their websites, automation can be implemented in the form of virtual agents or chatbots. Customer service agents who engage customers through live chat can be assisted by automated virtual agents. Virtual agents have the capability to interact with customers by carrying out simple conversation and replying to less complex questions. This frees up human agents to tackle more complex interactions and questions. With chatbots assisting human agents, customer service productivity improves greatly.

Businesses use live chat software to enable live chat customer service on their websites. Most live chat software in the market provides only basic live chat functionality without any chatbot features. Furthermore, most live chat software does not offer multiple engagement channels. When businesses ask “How do I automate interaction with customers using live chat for my website?”, they typically conduct a live chat software comparison to find out which vendors offer the most comprehensive solution – including support for chatbots. For thousands of businesses worldwide, the search has led to Bold360 from LogMeIn.

Automate Customer Service with Intelligent Chatbots from Bold360

Bold360 provides businesses with a comprehensive live chat solution. It enables implementation of multi-faceted engagement strategies that allow customer service agents to interact with customers wherever they are through multiple channels and devices.

Bold360’s intelligent Auto Answers feature automates live chat with functionality like chatbots. Customer service agents create prepared responses to commonly asked questions. Auto-Answers uses these prepared responses to reply to relevant questions. Auto-Answers also employs Bold360’s Adaptive Messaging™ algorithm to search a repository of agent-customer conversations for the best replies to questions. Like other sophisticated chatbots, Auto-Answers is transparent to customers. Responses by Auto-Answers are displayed seamlessly in the same online chat box used by customers and agents to interact with each other. Customers can easily escalate to chatting with a live agent if the automated interaction isn’t quickly providing them the information that they’re looking for.

Elevate Support Team Productivity with Chatbots from Bold360

Businesses that automate front-end or back-end customer service operations reap the benefits of higher productivity and cost savings in their customer service organizations. For businesses that have implemented live chat support services, they can increase productivity and save costs by deploying chatbots. Businesses using Bold360 can leverage Auto-Answers to increase agent productivity and operational cost savings. For customers who have common and non-complex issues, their questions get answered quickly by Auto-Answers giving them greater customer satisfaction. Meanwhile live agents can focus on customers that have more complex questions or problems.

This applies to mobile users too as Bold360 supports live chat for mobile devices. With Bold360’s mobile SDK, which allows Bold360 to be integrated into iOS and Android apps, Auto-Answers can be extended to mobile apps as well thereby bringing chatbots features to mobile apps.

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