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Live chat is an increasingly popular way for website users to engage with customer service representatives. For businesses looking to add chat functionality to their websites, the question becomes what is the best live chat for website engagement? At first glance it’s apparent that there are several live chat service providers in the market. A closer look reveals that Bold360, from the customer support experts at LogMeIn, is the best live chat for website owners and users.

What Makes Bold360 the Best Live Chat for Websites

Thousands of businesses worldwide have concluded that Bold360 is the best live chat for website owners and users, making Bold360 one of the most widely adopted customer service live chat services on the market. What makes Bold360 the best live chat for website engagement? Here are just a few of the things that set Bold360 apart:

  • Advanced features including adaptive auto answers and canned messaging, multi-session support, integrated video chat software, intelligent proactive chat, support for split testing of alternative chat invite messages, reporting and analytics, and integrated email, SMS*, and Twitter* management.
  • Mobile support and optimizations, including support for in-app chat initiation, as well as layered chat windows for a seamless customer experience.
  • Customizability and control, including support for branded chat for site users and a wide range of passive and proactive chat configuration options.
  • Expert support and professional services, as a result of LogMeIn’s many years of experience delivering live chat and other customer service solutions into a variety of vertical markets.
  • The reliability that you would expect from the best live chat for website engagement, deriving from our highly resilient and scalable cloud infrastructure.
  • Value and rapid ROI, owing to our cloud service delivery model that allows you to launch the service quickly and easily and to pay based on a clear and simple licensing fee structure.

Benefits of Using the Best Live Chat for Website Engagement

The benefits of using the best live chat for website engagement are many, including:

  • Increased conversion rates and revenue. Site visitors who opt for live chat with your service reps are more likely to convert and are often more open to cross-sell and upsell offers. You can maximize the conversion and revenue benefits of your Bold360 live chat app for website engagement by strategic placement of passive chat buttons or proactive chat invites within your website.
  • Improved first call resolution rates. Online chat is a great way to solve customer questions and issues, and Bold360 even offers you the option to escalate from online chat to secure remote control of the user’s computer or mobile device for more complex issues (if the user grants permission).
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction. Users often find live help online to be a useful and satisfying way to get the information they need to buy your products or services or to get the most value from your products and services that they already use.

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